Established as an Echmer territory in 1E 735 and named after Hagreger the Calm’s beloved, Elysia is a southeastern island in the Chaotic Sea. Noted for its beauty, the Echmer mostly seem to use it as a resort due to its relaxing atmosphere.

According to hieroglyphics analyzed from Ynesleaic Men temple ruins seem to state that the island was the capital of their civilization before it died out before the end of the Merethic Era. Exul researchers have since excavated and studied the architecture left behind immensely, seeking to uncover more secrets about the Ynesleaic Men that called the island archipelago their home before both the Dwemer and Hyu-Ket came to settle them and the Echmer were brought into existence.

After it’s incorporation into the growing Echmer realm a great deal of Exul and Hyu-Ket traveled there to live. Because of its isolation from the Council of Dull Chimes, the Elemental Sodality and its Mustikos’arcere, and the strange Echmer of Morubixaba Elysia stays largely untouched from the events of those islands. The most eventful thing that has ever happened to the isle was it being captured by the Kamal in the early Third Era, which adds testimony to it being perhaps the most peaceful place in the Ynesleaic archipelago .

Unlike the other islands Elysia doesn’t have different regions, instead being tropical throughout its entire landscape. Palm trees grow in abundance and peaceful animals dot the countryside. However giant snakes, Bruorl, and Peine also make their home here, resulting in the islanders having to be careful when wandering the countryside.