Mala'grash, also known as The Ruler of the Hyu-Ket, Supreme of the Revered, and He Who Gives Them Life and Song, is a version of Malacath and the creator of the Hyu-Ket. He is the child of An and Nir, aspects of Anu and Nirn, and one of the many that killed Padda, an aspect of Padomay. He has thousands of brothers and sisters, but his most well known in Hyu-Ket religion are Mepha'grash, Meri'grash, Yfre'grash, Hiri'grash, and Lorka'grash.

Etymology Edit

The Hyu-Ket, as all types of Goblin-Ken, were born when Trinimac was betrayed by Boethiah and he ripped the shame from his body, becoming Malacath, and Malacath's blood shed upon Trinimac's Aldmeri followers, the smaller of which became goblins. A large populace of the goblins moved to the edge of Tamriel, and sailed to the east, making landfall on Yneslea.

Even though the Hyu-Ket are now completely different from the Goblin-Ken of Tamriel in appearance, they still carry the roots of the gods from there. Mala'grash carries the root of Malacath, Mala. Mala means 'supreme' in the tongue of the Hyu-Ket, while the Grash is a title carried by all the gods to the Hyu-Ket, which means 'Revered' and honors both the gods they worship and their deceased mother/the land the Hyu-Ket live on, Nir. So with this, Mala'grash means 'Supreme of the Revered' which is fitting, as he is the chief of the Hyu-Ket pantheon.

Worship Edit

He is exclusively and frequently worshiped by all members of the Hyu-Ket. The Hyu-Ket worship is mostly founded by the use of totems, each totem is made and cared for by the priests, at least, the totems for the 6 higher up Grash. If a Hyu-Ket worships a Grash outside of those 6, it is up to that Hyu-Ket to make and care for the totem, as it is there own personal totem. His the the most cared for Totem by the priests, as they were born under the month he has control over. His month, Mala'kata, takes place from the 1st of Morning Star to the 1st of First Seed, 60 days in length. Any born in that time are to become Priests of the Hyu-Ket.

It is his role as the creator of the Hyu-Ket to protect them, which he has done many times. He taught them how to be independent and gave them their language. He gifted them his protection, swearing that they would never die out. His ancient champion, the Spirit Chief of the Hyu-Ket, was his son and the guide for the Hyu-Ket of old.