Strange and isolated, the island of Morubixaba to the semi-northeast of Slea was incorporated into the Echmeri realms in 1E 753 when Neglectful Acceptance explorers discovered it by accident.

The island is inhabited by an unique Echmeri tribal culture different than the Dweech and Exul cultures that already exist, instead focusing on customs the Echmer haven’t followed since the times of the Protoechi. Many scholars and archaeologists discovered that there was massive cave-in underneath the island that sealed it off from the rest of the Dweech, resulting in the theory that the Echmer on the island are descended from Protoechi that were separated from the rest of the race while performing tasks for the Dwemer. They have a unique language that shares some ties to the modern Echmer language of Echi, but it is vastly different. Morubixaba is also home to an unique tribe of Hyu-Ket that calls themselves the “Hadoridol” that also have customs different to that of the rest of their race. Both groups coexist peacefully on the island. Dweech and Exul Echmer have been able to teach the natives their tongue and are very protective over the small community.

HRAHNDEYL seems to have traveled to the island sometime during his wanderings as a mortal, as the “Moru-Echmer” (as the rest of the race kindly refers to them as) remember him. They call him Moxoeluxarxe and teach that he was a former slave trader that received a vision from the Hadoridol Ancestor-god Hador (possibly the Hyu-Ketic Spirit-Chief) telling him that if he freed the slaves he would be set on the path of Moxoe (Enlightenment). So he did and became an ally of the Hadoridol. Together with King Hador Gildol Hadol "the Forest Lord" Moxoeluxarxe united Morubixaba before leaving the island for good. As of 4E 200 the island is ruled by Underqueen Vvaravvethri and Overking Hador Gildol Hadol XVIII.

Like Elysia and Pasgaviati, Morubixaba is home to ancient Ynesleaic Men ruins that dot its environment, an unique fusion of a jungle, swamp, and rain forest. Giant insects, arachnids, and reptiles can be found in abundance here, as well as giant plants.