Solarite, a mystical metal, is one of the most precious and rare substances on the face of Nirn. It is generally found on Yneslea, where it supposedly originates (however, legend states that small scarce deposits should be able to found in other locations). Veins can only be found in spots where sunlight is in unnatural abundance.

According to Echmer legends, solarite is solidified sunlight – which they refer to as the sun’s or GANUS’s tears – that fell down to Nirn during the untimes of the Zero Aeon. Raw solarite itself is an extremely hard (yet light in terms of weight), durable, bright silver glass-like ore. When Yneslea was incorporated into the Empire, it became protected under Imperial Law.

The bat elves have perfected the art of smelting solarite ore, using the solarite ingots created to make their legendary solarite weapons and armor. In fact, only Echmer know the secret of forging the tears of the sun. Chainmail (light), Laminar (medium), and Plate (heavy) armors are all created with the substance by repeatedly folding the ore upon itself to form strips, which are then molded into the desired shape. In terms of other ores solarite is second only to ebony, easily outclassing other metals. It also has a few alchemical properties, like bolstering magicka reserves.

By adding binding stones into the forging process, weapons and armors made out of the ore can be given elemental properties like fire, frost, shock, and more. This is an unique variant of the standard Tamrielic enchanting process that utilizes soul gems, which the Echmer look down on in contempt due to their hatred of necromancy and their high respect for the soul.