Yne (which means ‘Reverberate’ in the Echmer tongue) is the largest of the Ynesleaic islands and lies in the Bitter Sea . The Echmer claimed the land as theirs in 1E 709. Unlike it’s sister-island of Slea, the island has always been considered more ‘tame’ and ‘peaceful’ than the other islands that make up the Ynesleaic archipelago. It was the first landmass in the archipelago discovered by the Empire and is thus more ‘imperialized’ than any other island, except for perhaps Pasgaviati. Most foreign settlers live on this island peacefully, rivaling the native Exul in terms of population.


Because of the wealth of information concerning this island, please see the timeline section above to learn more about it’s history.


The island is split into three geological regions: the Hae’macrin Mountain Range in the north, the Opal Coast to the west and center, and the Ambient Littoral to the south and east.

The Hae'macrin Mountain RangeEdit

The Hae’macrin Mountains is the coldest place on the island, covered in snow and ice. Little vegetation grows in this wasteland and trees are practically nonexistent in the area. Violent creatures tend to live in caves high up in the mountain. Freezing rain, snowfall, and blizzards happen frequently in the region, but the mountains are rich in mineral deposits like iron, steel, solarite, and various gemstones.

The Opal CoastEdit

The Opal Coast combines a rolling sandy beach and a grassy prairie together, resulting in an unique environment unlike anywhere else. The region is protected by the frigid weather in the north by a wall of mountains, also protecting it from the creatures found there. The soil here is very good for crops due to the heavy amounts of sunlight and frequent rainfall. Considered the most beautiful area on the island, the wildlife here is mainly insects and prey animals, but a few predators also roam the Opal.

The Ambient LittoralEdit

The Ambient Littoral is a coastal taiga that thrives on saltwater. Ferns, lily pads, and other swampy plants can be found here. Although the slightly muddy ground isn’t as good for farming like the Opal’s, it’s soil is much more ‘allowing’ of the growing of foreign plants and because of that it has always been the most ‘Tamriel-like’ area in the entire island archipelago. Natives and foreign settlers also use it as a general area for fishing.